Your Financial Future Starts Now

Classics are classic for a reason. Readers looking for “Good, Practical, and Simple” wisdom from some of our most timeless thought leaders can look no further than the GPS Guides to Life collection. Bringing classic self-help and success titles to a new generation of readers, the GPS Guides to Life present essential editions of philosophical, […]

When We’re Not Wired to Save

Have you ever asked yourself “What if I’m a tightwad and my significant other is a spendthrift?” or vice versa? Scott Rick, a behavioral scientist at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, knows that many people do. Tightwads and Spendthrifts: Navigating the Money Minefield in Real Relationships is a science-based guide to understanding […]

The Most Anticipated Books for Winter 2024

Already having trouble sticking to that New Year’s resolution? From manifesting, to managing your money, to keeping stress at bay, we think these are the best books to help tackle your goals this year. Self-Help Manifest in Action by Roxie Nafousi The life-changing, seven-step guide to manifesting from self-development coach and internationally bestselling author Roxie […]

Top Five Money Tips for Couples

My wife and I are financial opposites: she’s a tightwad, and I’m a spendthrift. That can get pretty complicated! As a result, I have developed a strong interest in understanding how couples can navigate the various money-related complexities of marriage. I’m lucky because I get to do research on these topics (essentially, “me-search”). Below, I […]

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