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Why Pretzl?

The answer lies in the rich symbolism of pretzels throughout history. For centuries, pretzels have been an enduring emblem of fortune, prosperity, and spiritual fulfillment. Like a pretzel, the pathway to success is not always in a straight line. Our mission is simple: Help you achieve your goals—whether you’re a CEO, just starting your career, or simply searching for a little guidance in life. Presented by St. Martin’s Publishing Group, Pretzl has a carefully curated collection of cutting-edge books and articles with informative, accessible insights from thought leaders across a wide range of interests and expertise. Whichever path you choose, Pretzl is here to help you embrace the twists and turns of your journey, and unlock the secrets to a prosperous and fulfilling life. Happy reading—and here’s to your triumphs ahead!

Bulk Order Inquiries

Interested in purchasing books to be given away to your company, clients, or personal network? Retailers such as Porchlight Books, BookPal, and BulkBooks or your local independent bookstore are a great starting place to make a bulk purchase of physical books. Physical books, eBooks, and audiobooks can also be purchased in bulk directly from Macmillan Publishers. For more information, please visit Macmillan Premium & Corporate Sales or contact trademarketing@stmartins.com.


Do you share your love for books on Instagram, TikTok, Goodreads, a blog, or elsewhere online? Are you interested in becoming an early consumer reviewer for St. Martin’s Publishing Group? Advance reading copies are available exclusively through the St. Martin’s Press Influencer Program. By signing up for the program, you’ll ensure you receive regular email communications about our available titles. You can sign up today at www.stmartinspressinfluencers.com.

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If you’re a member of the media or a journalist interested in covering one of our authors or books, please contact publicity@stmartins.com.

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